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Price List

Residential EPC

Residential EPCs

  • Up to 2 bedrooms

    (maximum 1 extension)

  • Upto 3 Bedrooms

    Without Conservatory

  • 4-5 Bedrooms

    (3 reception rooms)

  • 6 Bedrooms +

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Commercial EPC

Commercial EPCs

  • Upto 50m²

    (maximum 2 zones)

  • 51m² - 100m²

  • 101m² - 250m²

  • 251m² - 500m²

  • 501m² +

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    Air conditioning assessment

    TM44 EPCs

    • Air Conditioning EPC

      Simple 12kw split system

    • Air Conditioning EPC

      Please call 0800 772 3534 (option 4) for detailed quotation

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    EPC One are a National supplier of Energy Performance Certificates. We cover all types of commercial premises in all industries at the lowest prices in the UK – Guaranteed.

    The Way We Work is Simple…

    1) You Contact us to discuss your requirements and confirm the booking

    2) Our energy assessors will inspect your property as agreed – They will discuss any points you raise.

    3) Your Official Certificate Will Be Delivered By Email in 24 to 72 Hours following your inspection

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    We at EPC One are an independent supplier of Energy Performance Certificates. We are highly experienced in the production of Non Domestic Energy Assessments, Air Conditioning Energy Assessments, Display Energy Certificates and Domestic EPC’s. Our experience means your property receives the highest possible rating at the lowest prices in the UK – Guaranteed.

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